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Fancy having a go at this improvisation lark yourself? Feel like taking the plunge into comedy but don’t know how to take your first few steps? Want to meet new people and build your confidence up? Just like the idea of getting together with like-minded folk and having a good laugh?  ComedySportz UK runs a range of workshops in Salford (Manchester) in improvisation skills. We also run an exceptionally popular course for those wishing to take their first tentative steps in the world of stand-up comedy. If you’ve a passing interest in performing as part of ComedySportz one day then this is where we draw our players from as well.
For example…


“Improv… a safe and life enriching addiction!”  Jen Banks.

I let go and had a bit of fun. Bron … gently guiding the class in their techniques, whilst keeping the whole experience a positive one. ”  Manchester Confidential 

“Still one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but the feeling when I came off stage was euphoric up there with some real great times.” Brian MacDiarmada

We were featured in the Guardian!

We recently featured in the Guardian for an article on the benefits of workshops on Mental Health. We’re delighted to have had such a positive affect on so many of workshoppers, whatever their reason for taking a course. You can read the article here.



Foundation in Improv.

An eight week course designed to help introduce the basic theories, ideas and skills of improvisation. You don’t need to have any sort of background in performing or comedy to join in, just a willingness to get involved and have a good time.  Not only useful for confidence building, stage presence, and general banter, but also a great course to help you network and generally find new friends.

The course includes sessions on:

  • Accepting offers.
  • Storytelling.
  • Creating characters.
  • “Yes and…” Accepting and building on ideas.
  • Listening skills.
  • Working as a team.
  • Introduction to scene work.

The cost for the full eight weeks is £95 or £90 concession for full time students/DSS payable on the first day.

Our next eight-week course always fill up quickly. If you’re interested then drop us an email for more information or to reserve your place.

Improv workshops run Saturdays 1pm – 3pm for 8 weeks.  The next course starts 20th January 2018 (Feb 24th Skipped – course ends March 17th).  Email to sign up or for more information.


Beginning Stand Up Comedy

An eight week course designed to give you your first foothold in the otherwise daunting world of Stand Up Comedy. Under expert tutelage you’ll receive all the skills you need to put together your first short stand-up comedy routine as well as fundamental skills like stagecraft, performance and microphone technique. The core of the course is a weekly workshop where the attendees will have a chance to prepare and try out their material in a supportive atmosphere.  This course also includes a Showcase at the end of the 8 weeks for participants.

The cost for the full eight weeks is £100 payable on the first day, £95 for Students.

Next stand up workshop starts 20th January 2018 

Stand Up Workshops run Saturdays 1pm – 3pm for 8 weeks.  Email to sign up or for more information.


Intermediate Improv

PREREQUISITE – Improv Foundation Course or similar.  An eight week course designed to help develop earlier teachings on the foundation course, basic knowledge and practice of improv is assumed.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Advanced Scenework.
  • Use of Space
  • Maintaining Characters
  • Improv Challenges
  • Listening skills.
  • Status
  • Music and Rap

This course can be taken many times as the syllabus is constantly changing.  The cost for the full eight weeks is £70.  Our next eight-week course starts 20th January 2018 (Feb 24th Skipped – course ends March 17th)., and they always fill up quickly.  Intermediate Improv workshops run Saturdays 3pm – 5pm for 8 weeks.


Sketch Writing

£50. Limit of 10 spaces.

A four week sketch writing course that will cover the fundamentals of comedy writing, including generating material, looking at the hook, writing those pesky punchlines and honing jokes to sharpen your comedic skills. Each week will focus on different skills and also facilitate tutor and peer feedback and advice on sketches written between sessions. The course will explore solo and collaborative writing, as well as writing across formats (stage/radio/television).

The next 4 week course is Jan 17th 7pm-9pm, Kings Arms, Salford.

Email to sign up today!


Longform Improv

NO PREREQUISITE – but Improv Foundation Course is encouraged. This course will look at the techniques of performance associated with creating longer improvisations. We will look at elements of clowning, working with ‘truth’, narrative and you will learn various longform formats (La Ronde, Armando, Harold, montage, tag out etc).  Ideal for actors and improvisers wanting a new challenge.


Next course TBC. Email to sign up or for more information.

Course will take place the Kings Arms, Salford.

People who’ve taken our courses said this:

Improv is genuinely the MOST fun you can have on a Saturday afternoon….. learning the basics of impro at a relaxed pace, with fun teachers. It’s a treat… games, scenes, stories, characters, and lots and lots of laughing…it’s the antidote to a boring/routine life. Get out of the house and into the class!”

Claire Westood (Wellness and Coach Trainer)

“Am much more confident and less self conscious”
Mark Baker (Singer)

“Helps you get out of your cosy comfort zone and not care!”
Jeni Howarth-Williams (Actress – Coronation St, Emmerdale)

 “If you don’t try it you’ll never realise how much fun it is.”
Declan Feeney.(Infrastructure Architect)

“Comedysportz Workshops saved my life… gave me the confidence to face the world.”

Sarah Farrell (Graphic Designer)

‘Confidence building, exciting, inventing, and ingenious improv for all ages,
letting you take to the stage with ease’
Mark Rawle (Doctor)

Testimonial from Jen Banks (Freelance writer/journalist):  I’m addicted to ComedySportz improv workshops! I spend two hours every week laughing, learning and doing fun, silly stuff that makes other people laugh. Their teachers have decades of improv experience between them and always make learning the art of improvised comedy a joyous thing to do. It boosts your confidence no end. I’ve learned stuff about life too, and I’ve met many fabulous people. Best of all, you get to play and act outrageously without even the slightest whiff of alcohol, which makes it both a safe and life enriching addiction!

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