Our History

It’s said that a picture says a thousand words. Thanks to our manager’s omnipresent camera we’re lucky enough to have around twenty six thousand pictures. By my reckoning this gives us about twenty million words to play with. Have a browse through this gallery of our choicest moments. Come to see a show and you might even see yourself immortalised here as well.


In 2012 Laura Senior, Cath Anderson, Kate McCabe and Sye Watts joined our fold.

Unfortunately this year started with us not performing any more at our regular venue The Comedy Store but CSzUK had regular shows all over the place!  We were performing off and on at Platt Chapel, Chester Music Theatre, The Royal Exchange, as well as our regular CSz show at Sale Waterside, Let’s See What Happens at The Lass O’Gowrie and Comedy Unplugged at Fuel Cafe Bar.  Manchester beat Berlin at this years World Championships but narrowly lost out to LA.




Carly Tarett, Stephen Armstrong, Red Redmond and Lynne Crook have joined our fold. We said goodbye to Sally Hodgkiss and Meg Wagmam. We started a new Longform Show – Let’s See What Happens. And we did some shows all over the place including Chester, Edinburgh, Preston… we won one of our matches at this years World Championship, but lost the second.

We held the 2nd annual Manchester Improv Tournament, and this time, ComedySportz won!

CszUK produced it’s first full length professional show, ‘Teechers’ by John Godber, and we celebrated our 10th anniversary at the place it all began… Chorley Little Theatre. Some old players came to watch and even Dick Chudnow, ComedySportz founder came over from the States to join in with our celebrations.


In 2010 Ash Dunne, Marcus McMillan, Matt Wheeler and Meg Wagman joined our fold. We said goodbye to Daisy Connolly, Derek O’Brien, Tom Roche, Chris Brooker, Ross Wagman and Ben Schofield.

We held the 1st Annual Manchester Improv Tournament, the winners being the Comedy Express Veterans!

We had some shows at the Frog and Bucket in Preston, and became a monthly regular at Sale Waterside.

Finally we played again at this years World Championship, and it was close… but Philly just beat us.


This year Sally Hodgkiss, Rob Hudson and Mark Rawle joined us.

2009 saw us getting sexy new red and blue shirts, and after 7 years we said goodbye to the red and blue pants… yes, they’ve been the same pants all that time! We played a special match against London group – the Scat Pack, and Edinburgh was great fun, we were joined up there by Tom Kirk (one of our first players) and Micah Edwards.

We also celebrated our (approximate) 100th show which saw the return of Ste Martin to the CSzUK ranks! Finally we were asked to play two shows at this years World Championship, and we won one of them.


Well, this year we went to this years World Championship, ( Chris Brooker was also given the honour of playing in the All Star Match, where he was picked out of 150 improvisors!), we played two weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in October we had a visit from Steph, Rene and Scott who took part with us in the Manchester Comedy Festival!

This year we saw Brendan Goss, Jade Fearnley and Sam Al-Hamdani join us.


This year we saw our move to the Manchester area cement itself even thicker with monthly shows at Salford Arts Theatre and weekly workshops at the Comedy Store. It saw new members Lou Conran, Ross Wagman, Tom Roche and Sean Mason join us. We also played on stage with Rowetta from X Factor at the Stand Up and Be Counted 24 hour Comedy Event in aid of Comic Relief, we played to packed houses in Edinburgh, we played the Comedy Store at the Manchester Comedy Festival, and Chris Tavner reffed his first match. We also had a visit in the shape and size of Lupe from Milwaukee Comedy Sportz.

This year we played at the World Championship, winning our match.


2006 saw us without a regular venue. We played at the Frog and Bucket, which was Jolly fun, and then all around the United States, but we were still struggling. By October we thought the game was up, until Salford Arts Theatre came to our rescue for the Manchester Comedy Festival. We played monthly there for a little while. This year we said hello to players Daisy Connolly, Derek O’Brien, Leigh Jones, Chris Tavner, John Cooper, Ben Schofield and Sean Moran. We also said goodbye to Sean Moran, Sean Hargreaves, Emily Cookson, Nick Broadbent, Vicki Forrester, Paul Thompson and Ste Martin – with a very heavy heart. Jill visited us this year and played in our first Manchester show. Yes there is a picture of Sean Mason with no hair, he was in the audience that day.

This year we played at the World Championship, and once again won our match.


2005 started off great, we were settled into our fortnightly shows at Chorley Football Club, and the odd show at Chorley Little Theatre. We were having good fun, until we lost the venue. We played a few matches at Chorley Community Centre, but that had to close to be refurbished. Vicki Forrester, Nick Broadbent and Chris Brooker joined the troupe, Chris introduced us to the Frog and Bucket. We played there as part of the Manchester Comedy Festival, to a great responsive crowd – yes there is a picture of John Cooper with no hair or beard, he was in the audience that day. Andre Washington visited and played with us.

We played at the World Championship this summer and won our match.


In 2004 our monthly shows were going great at Chorley Little Theatre, Ed ‘Pij’ Tootell joined the troupe, we went to the World Championship, we won our match, we visited our CSz friends in Dublin and played over there, they played over here, Pij left the troupe and we lost the Theatre. So we moved into our new home, Chorley Football Club in September, fortnightly shows.

We also said goodbye to Russell Ditchfield and Rachael Hilton.


2003 welcomed new players Sean Hargreaves and Steph Threlfall. We were visited by some Madison ComedySportz players and by the end of the year we had recieved a grant to put shows on in the surrounding areas and we bought new shirts! We said a sorrowful goodbye to Tom Kirk – who actually remained in the programme for a further 2 years as he never officially told us he was leaving – loser 😉

Steven Catterall reffed his first match and we played a one off version of ComedySportz Weakest Link fo Comic Relief.

Brainne Edge went to the 2003 World Championship alone, and got to play at the Improv!


After the huge sucess of our first match in 2001, we decided in 2002 to try and make it a more regular thing. Russell Ditchfield, Darryl Fishwick and Steven Catterall all joined the troupe. Darryl had been in the audience earlier in the year and was so good we put him in the show… he’s still with us!

Unfortunately we lost Phil Melling to the world of Hotelliery that year. He was one of our most loved players, we were sorry to lose him.cszbron02


Back in 2001 a girl had a dream, that dream was to put on a show she’d seen years before when she lived in America. She approached Dick Chudnow the creator of that show, and he said “Go forth”. That girl was Brainne Edge, I say a girl becuase at a mere age of 22 she started the UK’s only ComedySportz troupe. The initial players were Brainne Edge, Rachel Wareing, Rachael Hilton, Phil Melling, Ste Martin, Tom Kirk, Paul Thompson, Emily Cookson and Katie Griffiths. They were nervous, weren’t sure if it would work. At that point this show was going to be a one off in aid of Children In Need. Who knew?… we certainly didn’t.