Sean Mason

IMG_7454Name: Sean ‘Insert Amusing Nickname Here’ Mason

Joined CSz in: 2007

Shoe Size: 8b

Mostly plays: in the bins

Favourite Game: Stunt Double

About Sean: Sean has been a member of ComedySportz since October 2007 and has grown from workshopper to workshop leader in that time. He also maintains ComedySportz UK’s social media output, mailing list and publicity materials for press. Sean is also an actor, writer and director. He has written several plays and is a regular contributor to Sitcom Stories, plays about the drama behind our best-loved comedies. He has also performed in several high-profile productions including “New Dawn Fades: A Play About Joy Division and Manchester” which has toured the UK several times. He once tried to eat an entire bowl of Butter Cream but stopped when he started to see through time. He does not recommend the experience.