Marcus McMillan

Marcus McMillan
Marcus McMillan

Name: Marcus McMillan “Nurse”

Joined CSz in: 2010

Mostly plays: with puppies

Favourite Game: Connect 4

About Marcus: Marcus joined ComedySportz in January 2010 after taking part in the workshops in 2009. Marcus had never improvised before this but has spent most of his life making things up usually to impress girls.

Marcus has a strong performance background he has worked as an actor and director since 2001 and in 2006 he set up his own theatre company and has performed, directed and produced plays at The Royal Exchange, The Contact Theatre and The Oldham Coliseum.

Marcus is also an established stand up comic and has performed in venues across the UK since 2008, winning audiences over with his dry sarcastic wit and his anecdotal story telling. Marcus has never won any awards nor does he want to he just prefers money.