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February 18, 2024

Thanks to everyone who came to our Leicester Comedy Festival shows and sold-out Totally Improvised Musical at Chorley Theatre this month! Missed out? Don't worry because we have plenty more shows coming up in the next couple of months...

ComedySportz is back at Waterside Arts on Saturday 24th February for more all action, all improvised and award-winning competitive comedy fun! And don't miss our March Mayhem Match on Saturday 30th March. We'll be putting the power in the audiences hands as you pick the teams, the games and the winners. We'll also be choosing two audience members at random to act as coaches to the players and get some sweet swag for their efforts!

The Totally Improvised Musical moves to the first Wednesday of every month at Fierce Bar, Manchester starting Wednesday 6th March. Your very own comedy musical composed on the fly by our players - if we use your title you also get a free pin badge. If that's not worth the price of admission, we don't know what is! We'll also be bringing the musical fun to Waterside Arts on Friday 19th April - tickets are on sale now.

Want to try your hand at improv? Sign up to our one day Improv Crash Course on Saturday 4th May! Get regular updates on all of our upcoming shows and workshops and sign up to our mailing list. Alternatively, you can follow us on FacebookX (Twitter)Instagram and Tik Tok. Got a question about our upcoming courses? Drop us an email today!

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