Comedysportz Manchester

Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong

Name: Stephen "Stretch" Armstrong

Joined CSz in: 2011

Mostly plays: The tin whistle

Favourite Game: Beer Pong

About Stephen: Stephen, like his hero Mr Benn, has never paid for a Fancy Dress Costume but has had lots of adventures. He likes to grow his beard and think about the problems of the day like whether to have Tangy Toms or Space Invaders for Tea or how best to achieve his life long goal of being the first Cumbrian in Space. In his time with Comedysportz. When not playing on the field, Stephen can often be found in the darkness making the music happen, not always at CSZ shows. Stephen does not own a watch, rather he tells the time by his own internal body clock (which is 7 minutes slow after he went through a revolving door during a power cut). Stephen’s only driving license is from Legoland, has lost 5 teeth to Crème Eggs and he has never seen either The Sound of Music or Titanic, but doesn’t feel he is missing much (apart from 5 teeth)


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