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Say "Yes, And" to an improv course!

September 24, 2021

There are plenty of reasons to take an improv comedy course with ComedySportz, whether you're looking to learn new performance skills, develop soft skills for business and networking or just want to meet new people in a fun and friendly environment!

Learn improv skills in Manchester

For actors, improv is becoming an increasingly valuable skill to learn. From auditions to rehearsals, improv opens up new ways to explore a text, scene or character. It's a great way to devise and develop new ideas too! Or perhaps you're a stand-up comedian who wants to be more "in the moment", ready to riff off the room. Perhaps you're a team leader looking to find new ways to improve communication and collaboration in your workplace, or a freelancer hoping to open yourself up to new possibilities and networking skills. Or maybe you're just someone who wants to have a good time!

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to take an improv course. Below are just some of the ways saying "Yes, And" to one of our workshops can change your life!


Improv workshops are a great way to express yourself, rediscover your playful side and create funny characters and situations. You can create wonderful moments from the slightest suggestions or find new ways to approach challenges and problem solving.


You don't need to worry about being creative or imaginative "enough" either as your scene partner is there to respond to and add to your ideas. Improvisation is as much about reaction as it is creation! Improv is a collaborative art form, as you create scenes with your stage partner and even the audience. Whether you're looking for fun new ways to devise scenes or develop new ways of working within a team, improv opens you up to new possibilities and ideas.


Collaboration happens through communication and actively engaging with your scene partner. If you hate networking or are struggling to work as part of a team, improv exercises can help you develop better communication skills through active listening and encouraging an equal environment for ideas.


People sometimes worry they won't be able to make up a scene - but guess what, you improvise all the time! Improv gives you the confidence to face uncertainty by embracing a "Yes, And" attitude to a given situation. By seeing everything as an opportunity for play, you can tackle any challenge with confidence!


Improvisation is a shared experience and workshops are a great way to make new connections - a fun way to meet new people as we begin to return to normal. We've had workshoppers make friends for life!


Sound fun? Why not sign up to our next Foundation in Improv course today. Don't worry if you still have questions about our courses either, just drop us an email. Our workshops are fully accredited by CSz Worldwide, one of the world's largest comedy skills schools.

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