We will continue to keep you laughing and learning with digital Drop-Ins!

This purchase is for LET’S MAKE SOME TROUBLE Saturday 26th September 2020 2.30-4.30pm BST. 


Do you ever find your scenes are missing a spark or conflict? Does your short form brain have you resolving conflicts too quickly and robbing a scene of the opportunity to go in really interesting directions? This session will look at how we can add complications to our scenes and give our characters something to play with. A great way to spice up stale scenes or give yourself an extra challenge. The session will be lead by Sean Mason.

We will continue to provide Improv Drop-Ins where possible via digital streaming. Once you have paid for your class we will send you an email with a schedule and a link that will allow you to access the Digital Drop-In. (Please email us if you do not receive the link before 2pm on the day of the class – do check your spam/junk email folders first!)