We love putting out live-stream shows on lockdown and connecting with audiences even though venues are closed. Shows are free to watch but if you’ve been enjoying the shows, and can afford to do so, donations to help support our players are gratefully received. All donations are shared between our players many of whom are without work whilst the entertainment world is on lockdown.

There are also opportunities to bag some swag when donating with limited runs on exclusive merchandise including mugs and T-Shirts. Find out more below!

Thank you for your generosity and laughter. We can’t wait to be back laughing with you in person; but until then stay home, stay safe and keep laughing!

Donate Here:

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Thanks to everyone who supported our T-Shirt campaign the other month. If you’ve been watching along with our online shows you’ll know that Lukas has been repeatedly misusing mugs by drinking cold drinks out of them. Yep, awful isn’t it? It’s become such a hot topic among our regular online viewers that our latest merch is a brand new mug FOR HOT DRINKS ONLY!

If you donate £15 or above to support our players we’ll send you one of these limited edition mugs so you can sip a warm brew whilst enjoying one of our online matches. (If ordering from Europe please add £10 or if ordering from the US £20 to cover delivery fees – no we didn’t expect it to be that much either).

Thank you for continuing to support live(stream) comedy and for using mugs properly.

Mugs are for hot drinks only


Every year we take part in the ComedySportz World Championship we take a limited run T-Shirt to sell which helps to cover some of our costs and fund shows. World Championship is an opportunity for ComedySportz teams to come together for a week of shows and workshops and to compliment each others shoes.

The nice shoes thing is a big in-joke but it also makes for a nice shirt. So, if you too would like to get your own 2020 shirt for this year’s Virtual World Championship you can do so at either of the links below. Compliment someone else’s shoes, celebrate your own snazzy footwear or just to support ComedySportz, grab a T-Shirt today!

Our UK/European campaign has now ended but shirts are still available from our American vendor. Get your T-Shirt here!