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Intermediate Classes Announced

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September 12, 2023

We're excited to announce our new line-up of Intermediate Improv classes. Building on skills developed in our Foundation course, each week will take a deep dive on a specific facet or skill of improv comedy. You can sign up for all eight sessions now or attend on a drop-in basis. The full cost of the course is £75 or you can drop-in from £10 a session.

New to Improv comedy? Try our Foundation Improv classes instead. Under expert tutelage you'll learn the core skills and tenets of improvised performance. Not sure which course is right for you? Get in touch today.

Here is the full line-up of Intermediate Improv workshops starting this month!

Sept 30th | GETTING BACK INTO IT with Bron Edge and Sean Mason

After the Summer Break it's time to get back into the groove with this fun and friendly session. Bron and Sean are ready to help you develop your improv skills, with guidance on games and scene work.

Oct 14th | MUST GO FASTER with Sean Mason

Ever stood on the side lines of a scene, overthought an idea and missed your moment to join the fun? Being in the moment and catching lightning in a bottle requires speed and bravery. This workshop will look at ways we can overcome hesitation and get into the action of scenes and games!

Oct 21st | CLOWNING FOR IMPROVISERS with Tom Short

Clowning explores play and struggle and the grotesque. Clowning is an anarchic art form that is rooted in silliness to subvert what is presented and to stay present. Join Tom to learn how to combine this anarchy with traditional improv games to stay present on stage.

Oct 28th | SILENCE IS GOLDEN with Bron Edge

Be in the moment and create whole narratives without saying a word. Bron will help you build better relationships in your scenes using physicality and emotion. Discovery, observation and playfulness are the words of the week... we just won't be saying them out loud.

Nov 11th | GAME THERAPY with Sean Mason

Do you struggle with certain shortform games or game types? In this workshop Sean will explore ways to find new perspectives on games, overcome obstacles and help you build the confidence to conquer those games that get you sweating!

Nov 18th | WELCOME TO THE PUN SHOW with Stephen Armstrong

Are your wits as quick as your feet? The pun game is a type of game that excites some and daunts others. In this workshop, Stephen "Stretch" Armstrong will explore the techniques and skills to step forward and cause pundamonium, create some smash wits and brew up a big mug of the hilari-tea… (Okay, we'll stop for now).

Nov 25th | PLAYING GENRE with Kate McCabe

Ever taken a genre suggestion and not had a clue what to do with it? Don't know your Spaghetti Westerns from your Film Noir? Join Kate as she navigates some of the common and uncommon genre suggestions. In this workshop you'll look at ways of playing with genre conventions for maximum effect.

Dec 2nd | SHOWCASE WARM-UP with Bron Edge and Sean Mason

It's end of term and that always means games! Get ready for the Intermediate Showcase as we revisit some of the skills and games explored throughout the last 8 weeks. Stretch those improv muscles and get show fit!

Dec 6th | SHOWCASE at Fierce Bar, Manchester

Combined with our Beginning Stand-Up Comedy course, the course culminates in a free show for family and friends. All attendees of our Intermediate course are welcome to attend whether you signed up for the full run or just dropped-in.

Excited? Head over to our Intermediate Improv workshops page and sign up for your next improv classes today! We hope to see you at a show or workshop soon!

The Totally Improvised Company - Home of Comedysportz Manchester
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