Intermediate Improv

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Intermediate Improv workshops are returning to face-to-face teaching. We will be putting in place safety procedures for workshoppers and facilitators – more information can be found below.

We are excited for the return of our 8 week intermediate improv course.  We focus on further developing skills acquired in Foundation Improv, or elsewhere that you’ve studied or performed.  We play with elements such as:

  • Character
  • Scene work and editing
  • Game play
  • Creating more depth in your scenes
  • Finding more funny in your scenes
  • Walk forwards and ‘gag’ games.

Please note that a foundation level of improv knowledge will be assumed for these workshops.  This will be a great way to build those face to face skills back up after a year of online improvising 🙂

Our next 8 week intermediate improv course starts Sunday October 3rd 2021, 3-5pm, Gorse Hill Studios, Stretford.  The cost is £70 for the 8 weeks*.

Drop-in options are available charged at £10 per session – drop us an email for more information. To ensure covid safe numbers you must contact us prior to attending.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about the intermediate improv course. This course culminates in a showcase open to invited guests as well as the general public.

October 2021 Schedule:

Schedule subject to change.

3rd Oct: Scenes (Sean Mason and Bron Edge)

Feeling rusty after a year and a half without in person workshops? This fun and relaxed session will get you to flex those improv muscles and reinvigorate your scene work.

10th Oct: Expanding the Scene (Sean Mason and Bron Edge)

This session will explore ways of breaking out of the scene, using edits (wipes, tag outs etc.), entrances and exits, to take your characters on unexpected journeys. By employing techniques most associated with longform we’ll look at ways to reimagine the possibilities of short scenes and games.

17th Oct: Characters (John Cooper)

In this workshop we’ll be examining ways to create larger than life personalities and exploring how they can influence the direction of a scene. The session will look at different ways of creating characters and breaking away from the same character types you might fall back on time and again.

31st Oct: Playing Gender Respectfully (Ben Hodge)

Using games and ideas discussed in Stephen Davidson’s book ‘Improvising Gender’, we will explore how to play with gender without relying on tropes and stereotypes, as well as exploring the idea of gender non-conformity and gender expression within our scenes and how gender can be laughed ‘with’, not ‘at’.

7th Nov: Making Scenes Move (Josie Throup)

This session will focus on ways to make scenes more active using object work and physicality to break you out of static “talking heads” scenes. Don’t get stuck in a scene and make the most of the stage… and beyond!

14th Nov: Silence is Golden (Bron Edge)

We rely on words to fill the gaps in an scene but what happens when we take words away? This workshop will look at how embracing the moment and enjoying silence allows us make the most of a game, pattern or emotional beat. Remove the fear and put the fun back into your improv.

21st Nov: W.A.R.P Speed (Stephen Armstrong)

In this session, we will be looking at Word Association, Rhymes and Puns (WARP). There are certain types of shortform game that are ComedySportz staples and this session will give you the tools to have fun with Walk Forward and Head to Head games.

28th Nov: Games (Sean Mason and Bron Edge)

This session will focus on short form games ahead of our intermediate showcase. We’ll look at the ways we can still get good scene work out of even the gimmickiest of games as well as teach a few new games we’ve developed for our shows.


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*If, after signing up, participants are unable to attend the course, we will retain a £30 cancellation fee. If the company has to cancel, you you will be refunded the full amount.

 If you have any questions about our classes please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

COVID-19 Statement:

We will not be requiring proof of a lateral flow test from attendees, but we will assume a negative one will have been taken prior to each workshop. We ask you not to attend if you are exhibiting any COVID symptoms.

Our facilitators will be taking a lateral flow test the day before each workshop and will only be in attendance assuming the test is negative – we will contact you asap if any problems arise.

We will be aiming to keep a 1m distance within the workshops. Masks are not mandatory, but would be preferred when workshoppers are seated and not in an exercise. Please be respectful of each other’s space and comfort as we return to in person workshops so we can create a safe and fun experience for all. We will continue to review this inline with current guidelines and may put in additional measures where necessary.


*Due to the Manchester United vs Liverpool football match scheduled for that day there will be no improv sessions on Sunday 24th October. Unfortunately there is no parking allowed near Gorse Hill Studios on match days (as well as expected disruption to public transport) which makes the venue inaccessible to many. With that in mind we’ve decided to skip that week – the course will still run for 8 sessions giving us a new end date of 28th November.