Edinburgh Fringe Update!

Edinburgh Fringe Family Friendly
Two matches a day! Two teams of top improvisers! ONE winner! (…you!)

We’re having a blast at the Edinburgh Fringe with two shows a day jam-packed with quick-witted gags, games, sketches and songs inspired by our wonderful audiences. We’ve been delighted to be joined by ComedySportz players from across the world (Boston, New York, San Jose so far) and have had lovely crowds with some brilliant suggestions! All of our audience volunteers have been absolutely fantastic!

Not seen a ComedySportz show before? Don’t miss out on our fast-paced all ages, all action, all improvised show where two teams compete for your laughs! There’s a referee on hand to ensure a good clean game with penalties for bad behaviour and bad jokes. It’s family friendly, it’s free and it’s very funny. Who wins? You decide!

We’re part of the Free Festival because we believe audiences, especially families, should be able to see as many shows as they want without breaking the bank. You can find info on all of our upcoming shows for the Edinburgh Fringe on our shows page or at the Free Festival website.

We’re in Edinburgh until the 15th August with two shows a day:

1.15pm @ Fireside – The Last Arch Theatre Venue 75 (50mins)

4.30pm @ The Free Sisters – Maggie’s Chamber Venue 272 (1hr)

You can follow our Edinburgh adventure on social media with the hashtag #cszed18


Other Shows Featuring ComedySportz Players (Please note these shows are not family friendly):

Enjoy an hour of madcap characters with Lukas Kirkby in Lukas Kirkby Does An Hour

Harry Potter fans will love this irreverent spoof also starring Lukas Kirkby in Pottervision

We were joined by former ComedySportz Manchester player Sally Hodgkiss for our first match at Fireside. You can see her in Bumper Blyton

Catch some late night stand up with Tom Short in Comedy Shorts!

If you’re looking to catch the future faces of British Comedy today then check out Comedy From Salford University featuring students that have all performed at our regular New Adelphi Comedy Night!

ComedySportz @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

ComedySportz return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for another year of all action competitive comedy. After packed out rooms in 2017 we’re back with two shows a day to make sure as many people get to see us as possible!

ComedySportz Edinburgh Fringe 2018

At the 2017 Fringe, we were visited by Prince Edward and his family, making us not just a hit family friendly show but a Royal Family friendly show! Who knows who you might be sitting next to at this year’s festival…

Once again we are part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival because we believe families should be able to see as many shows at the Fringe as possible without having to sell one of their kids to do so.

This year’s official Fringe hashtag is #IntoTheUnknown so be sure to check out the Free Festival site as they have loads of great acts for you to discover. You can also find us listed on the Edinburgh Fringe website and app. Plesae note; there’s no need to book tickets, just arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Show times for ComedySportz 2nd-15th August:

Fireside – The Last Arch Theatre Venue 75 1.15pm (50mins)

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters (Maggie’s Chambers) Venue 272 4.30pm (1hr)

We’re also delighted to be bringing ComedySportz 4 Tots to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time 25-26th August. It’s a last minute addition so you won’t find it in the official Fringe guide but full details can be found at the Free Festival Website.

Show Times for ComedySportz 4 Tots 25th-26th August:

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters (Maggie’s Chambers ) Venue 272 10.15am (1hr)

You can also catch us at Huggers (a great show for kids under 6, similar to our ComedySportz 4 Tots shows) and Comedy Club 4 Kids throughout the Fringe. Be sure to follow us on social media for any additional dates/appearances.

Show Times/Dates for Guest Shows:

Huggers (Fireside – The Last Arch Theatre Venue 75 FREE) 12pm 10th Aug 14th Aug 25th Aug

Comedy Club 4 Kids (Assembly Roxy – Upstairs Venue 139 £10/£9/£30 family ticket) 5.50pm 9th Aug 24th Aug

We’re also delighted to be joined by ComedySportz players from around the world and  some of our players will also be making guest appearances at other shows across the Fringe. For details on those shows be sure to be following us on twitter #cszed18. We’ll also be posting recommendations of other great Improv shows to catch in Edinburgh as well!

Can’t make it to Edinburgh? Don’t worry, there are plenty of shows you can catch in across Greater Manchester. Check out our shows page for more info.