Stand Up 2 Day Deposit


Write your first set, find your comedic voice and develop the key skills to get you up on stage. This £30 non-refundable deposit will secure your space on this course. Full payment to be made on the day of the course.

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Are you a budding comedian but don’t know where to start? This stand up comedy course will help you write your first set.

Whether you’re looking to start your onstage career or build confidence in public speaking in a fun and friendly environment you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this 2 day intensive version of our regular 8 week stand up comedy course.

You’ll receive feedback on your material as we help you find and hone your unique comedic voice. Sessions will cover everything from generating fresh comedic material to microphone technique in a safe and supportive setting.

No previous experience necessary for this 2 day intensive course. May 4th – 5th. 12.30pm – 5pm each day. Kings Arms, Salford. £75 for the full course.

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