ComedySportz Needs You! Competition Time!

Got what it takes to design our new flyer? Then don’t miss this competition and your chance to win tickets and plenty of lovely merchandise!

Every year we produce 2 or 3 flyer runs for our shows at Waterside Arts. We are getting a bit bored of the same old designs…. so this is where YOU come in!

How would you put the show across with a picture and a few sentences? Do you like drawing or playing around with Photoshop? What do you think ComedySportz is about? Can you show it in a drawing? Do you think you could do better than Sean’s attempt below?

Please do better than this.
Can you do better than this?

The only rules are: Must have the ComedySportz logo at the top (we can put it in later if that’s an issue, just leave a space!) and you must be aged 16 or under.

TO SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN. Please email your flyer to with the subject header FLYER COMPETITION! OR just hand your design to a player (make sure your name, contact info and age is on the design). Please submit the image as A4 size.

If you are chosen you will get a framed copy of the flyer signed by all the players, free tickets to a show for you and 3 of your friends, a ComedySportz TeeShirt and a ComedySportz book!

ComedySportz is a completely improvised competitive comedy show where two teams compete to create quick-witted gags, games, sketches and songs inspired by audience suggestions. There’s a referee on hand to keep things moving and ensure a good clean games – it’s a family friendly show after all! Players can lose points for bad behaviour or bad jokes and the audience help to choose the winner. It’s all ages, all action and no two shows are the same. Think you can get all that onto a flyer? Then get designing!

There are plenty of pictures on our website and our facebook and instagram or maybe you’d like to draw your own!

The deadline is 5TH MAY 2018 so get designing – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!